Sunday, July 31, 2016

Walked & Found: Footwear & Photography

Found: a baby shoe.

Oddly, this baby shoe, in its placement on the curb, looks more like a collectable on display rather than something you'd expect to be strewn about from having been dropped, kicked, or playfully tossed. It's not so hard to imagine that somewhere there's an infant, partially barefoot, with a child-minder unaware that something's gone missing.

Everyday things are lost... and sometimes found.

When I found this soft, ordinary, baby shoe in an ordinary suburban neighborhood, while on my daily walk, I knew it wouldn't make an extraordinary photograph, but shot it anyway thinking it might make a unique story.

Once home, I emailed my cousin, Carl, and told him of my day... about our hot and humid weather (nothing new), my walk, and the object I found.

Moments later he replied with just a picture: a boot in the sand.

Photo Credit: Carl Richards

I think we were communicating, sort of, though I'll never know if this was a photo of his boot or someone else's, if it was placed there or accidentally left behind, or even when it was documented, recently or years ago?

I write volumes; Carl sends photographs.
Occasionally with his images, he'll include a few words, if I'm lucky a whole sentence.

Carl is my first cousin... my father's sister's son, and my favorite living relative. We were both born in New York. He was raised in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn and I grew up in East Meadow, Long Island. Now Carl lives on the West Coast, California and I live on the East Coast, Pennsylvania.

Carl is a morning person, up and out by 5 AM.
I rarely leave the house before 1 PM unless I have an appointment, then I'll get up early and complain the whole time.

Carl is a free spirit, rode a motorcycle for years, now owns a 535i BMW.
I don't drive and spontaneity for me is planning something a day in advance.

Carl hasn't eaten meat, fish or fowl for 45 years.
Me? I can't imagine how anyone can live on air and water alone.

Differences aside, together we share a love for each other and a passion for photography.

Nature is the predominant theme in Carl's photography: landscapes, seascapes and wild animals.

Here's a selection of work from his seascape collection.

Photo Credit: Carl Richards

Photo Credit: Carl Richards

Photo Credit: Carl Richards

Photo Credit: Carl Richards

Photo Credit: Carl Richards

My photography focuses on capturing light and shadows indoors, and when outdoors I shoot urban architecture, remnants of old buildings, facades, surface textures, and signs.

Here are a few of my architectural photographs, a series of windows.

Photo Credit: Dyan Titchnell

Photo Credit: Dyan Titchnell

Photo Credit: Dyan Titchnell

Photo Credit: Dyan Titchnell

Photo Credit: Dyan Titchnell

Thinking back to the shoe/boot exchange, I'm reminded of a wonderful photography blog, the original name, 3191: A Year of Mornings, later changed to 3191 Miles Apart, with the 3191 referring to the mileage between joint bloggers: Maria Alexandra Vettese (MAV) who lives on the East Coast, in Portland, Maine and Stephanie Congdon Barnes (SCB) who lives on the West Coast, in Portland, Oregon.

Their quirky concept of taking a daily morning snapshot of their lives for an entire year and posting the images online as a diptych started back in December of 2006 after seeing and admiring each other's photographs uploaded on Flickr, photos of a still life of their kitchen tables, which coincidently seemed quite similar.

Here are some of their collaborative images with MAV's photographs always shown on the left and SCB's photographs shown on the right.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Speaking about miles apart... after my cousin read my final draft, he emailed and said: 

"What? We've been communicating since we met, when you were born." Then he added, "The photo was taken very recently; the boot was washed ashore, and shot because I liked the image."

Now that's communication!  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you just want to hear the words or see them in print.

To view more photography by Carl Richards go to his website here.

You can read more about 3191 Miles Apart here and view their blog here.

Until next time

XOX... Dyan

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Walked & Found: Tarot

"The Tarot is a pack of 78 playing cards used both for divination (predicting the future) as well as a kind of guided meditation. It is a collection of symbols or archetypes that represent all of human experience. The Tarot is a map of spirit, heart and soul. You lay it out so you can get a bird's-eye-view."
                                                       -Angeliska Polacheck, Tarot card reader

Found: A playing card and a cracked mirror.

Clubs in an ordinary deck of playing cards are equivalent to Wands in a Tarot deck of cards.

Ten of Wands

"Here a hunched-over figure is carrying ten wands. They are so heavy and unwieldy that they block his view of where he's going. The man is carrying more that he should. By burdening himself will all the wands at once, he is hindering his own progress. You get the sense that if he put down some of the wands and took multiple trips, it might take longer, but he would be more successful. Or if he carried the wands in a different arrangement, he could see where he was going. As it is, though, the burden has become overwhelming. If one is going to carry on, adjustments will have to be made.

Burnout is a very fitting word for the Ten of Wands. The wands represent fire, everything that excites us and gives us pleasure. But too much excitement can lead to exhaustion, and too much fire can lead to burnout."
                                                 -Jessa Crispin, author of The Creative Tarot

Just as I came upon this cracked mirror with the Ten of Clubs, a large black bird dropped from a tree. Thud! Dazed and immobile except for his eyes that seemed to spin in circles.

What bird falls from a tree for no reason? Perhaps he was tired. Maybe 'burned out' from too much flying, mating, nesting, or hunting for berries... or whatever else birds do.

Or perhaps he saw his reflection in the cracked mirror and assumed he was doomed to seven years of bad luck... "A common superstition that comes from Roman belief that everybody goes through a physical transformation every seven years. A broken mirror indicates disrupted health and prosperity over the course of that cycle." Source:

Fortunately, the bird recovered. He was gone by the time I returned from my walk.

Months later, I...

Found: A partial playing card and names carved in concrete.

Hearts in an ordinary deck of playing cards are equivalent to Cups in a Tarot deck of cards.

Queen of Cups

This card symbolizes calm, compassion, intuitiveness and represents emotional security. The Queen of Cups is the 'Queen of emotions'.

Here she sits in deep contemplation by the edge of the sea on a throne adorned with fish, shells, and sea nymphs while holding an ornate sealed cup with angel-shaped handles symbolizing thoughts from the deep recesses of the Queen's unconscious.

This card signifies a good outlook in love and relationships.  It indicates a nice balance: equal love shared, with trust and respect between both parties.

When reversed, (card shown upside down) the Queen of Cups signals trouble in paradise... too much independence with the relationship going nowhere.                   -Imelda Green, Editor of Trusted Psychic                                    
I first noticed the couple's name inscribed in freshly poured concrete around the time their house went up for sale, about two years ago.

Now with the addition of the torn and reversed Queen of Hearts/Cups, one has to wonder if Beth & Pierre are still together.

Let's hope for their good fortune and yours!

XOX... Dyan

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Birds: Feathers & 'Tales'

Source: Houston Chronicle

Brawny Bird

"Hey 'Brawny Bird', don't you know it's 5 AM and people are sleeping... were sleeping but not anymore?"

We're up now and pissed, but apparently not as pissed as you.

"What gives with all the bodily banging and thrusting against our bedroom windows... morning, after morning, after morning?"

"I'm no bird whisperer, but I assume you're the alpha male, or trying to become one, that your hormones are poppin' and you want all the 'chicks' to yourself... and heaven help the bird that gets in your way!"

"But your thinking is totally off if you believe another bird is honing in on your territory. Surely you have some self-awareness and can see that it's your own damn reflection you keep trying to obliterate." But obviously not.

"So that's it... we humans, the chosen ones, are living in the dawn of hell because you happen to be all muscle and no brain... and we happen to have the cleanest windows in the neighborhood". Lucky us!

And lucky is what we thought back in December when Winter felt like Spring, and we were able to wash all the windows in our house both inside and out... all 53 panes of glass, never imagining there'd be consequences for such constructive action.

And it was action on my part that eventually put an end to Brawny Bird's antics. Nothing physical... just a logical plan that shouldn't have worked, but did.


Large black and white images of a cat... a cat with intense-looking eyes, lying down, but ready to pounce at any minute were printed and attached to large sheets of cardboard that were then clipped to our bedroom windows.

Thud! Just one thud after encountering a paper cat on one window and Brawny Bird was off! Another day, another single thud. A few more days of thud, thud, thud and eventually all contact with our windows ceased. I can't pinpoint when exactly, but like chronic pain... you ache, and ache, and ache, until one day you suddenly realize the pain is gone.

Bye Bye Brawny Bird.

Hello Brainy Bird.

Source: Koit

And from 'The Week' Magazine, May 27, 2016...

"A mother goose turned to Cincinnati police for help when one of her goslings got tangled up in string. Officer James Givens was sitting in his police cruiser near a city creek when the distraught bird started tapping at the door with its beak.

"It kept pecking," he said. "Normally they don't come near us."

Curious, Givens got out of the car, and the bird led him to a gosling that was tied up in a discarded balloon string. Givens' partner carefully untangled the baby bird, which ran off to rejoin it's happily honking mom"... who proved to be one 'smart' bird.

And shortly before this incident in Cincinnati, curious friends of ours, Joe and Kaylah vacationing in California, emailed asking for the exact location in San Francisco where Michael and I once lived... which opened a can of worms for us as we had long forgotten the address.

But I could picture the place.

Source: Google Street View 2016

And clearly remembered... that it was located on the corner of Leavenworth and Vallejo Streets, that it had been a grocery store, empty for a number of years before we rented it, and once situated, how eager the neighbors were to inform us of the property's notoriety... the place where our landlord's parents had been gunned down for refusing to pay protection money.  Shock City!

Shocked and devastated by the killings, it's no wonder our landlord Tom no longer set foot inside the building until we had it completely revamped to where it looked nothing like the previous place with all its misfortune.

In a way we brought Tom good fortune. Shortly after the property's transformation, it was put on the market and sold for big bucks!

And in flew our new landlord...

Beauty Bird

Source: Vintage Everyday

Beauty bird was a petite woman yet well-endowed. She wore big hair, loads of make-up and eyelashes that practically crossed the street. She was retired, a former Burlesque Queen with traces of having been an eyeful in her day.

And from the floor above we'd hear her practicing to the sound of striptease music.

"Ta Dah, da da... Ta Dah, da da... BOOM Ta Dah... BOOM Ta Dah... da da da."

She was an odd bird in a pleasant sort of way.

Then one day, with lashes 'aflutter', she approached us and said, "Your lease is almost up and I'd love for you to stay. But (short pause) I have to double your rent from 200 dollars to 400 dollars a month."


Not only was she a beauty, but a brawny and brainy bird as well.

Unfortunately for us, we were mere students and a rent increase of any amount back in the early '70s meant... Good Bye Nest Egg! Not that we ever had one.

So when our lease was up we 'flew the coop'... east to Pennsylvania.

Where 'birds of a feather flock together', unless one goes rogue and you happen to have sparkling clean windows... which sounds more like the beginning of this post instead of the end.

So here's one final tale of a rare bird and long-time friend.

Arty Bird

Richard Cramer is an artist and professor emeritus at Tyler School of Art, who now lives and works in New York City.

Here is a selection from his series of bird drawings, the originals measuring 30 X 40 inches done with pen and ink on paper.

There's a saying... "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Until he flies off and starts attacking YOUR windows! Then you'll be looking for that 'stone' from that other saying.

Until 'nest' time and more tales 
"Here and Next"

XOX... Dyan

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pizza, Sleep, & Time


I ordered pizza, "Extra light on the cheese."

The waitress says, "That'll be a dollar more."

I say, "No, not extra cheese, I want less cheese."

Again she says, "That'll be a dollar more."

"I don't get it," I say.

She says nothing... just waits for my reply with a 'take it or leave it' arrogance that sometimes comes from those who work in fine dining establishments, only this was a pizza joint with Formica table tops, plastic cups, napkins that come out of metal dispensers, and food that's served on paper plates!

"Fine" I snap, though I'm anything but fine. Then under my breath I mutter... "We all know where that extra $1.00 will be coming from," implying from her tip.

But I think my waitress may have overheard me. Just in case, I keep tabs on the open kitchen to ensure that nothing unpleasant finds its way onto my pie or that my pizza doesn't 'accidentally on purpose' fall to the floor and end up back on my plate, server retaliation.

When my pizza arrives unscathed, I notice it's loaded with tomato sauce BUT MISSING THE CHEESE!... as in zilch, nada, no trace of the stuff.

I point this out to my waitress, who no doubt deliberately 86'd my cheese, which in restaurant lingo means: 'To Be Served Without', in this case... without cheese! Then brazenly my waitress tries to convince me otherwise, by telling me, "There's definitely cheese on this pie," while pointing out all its 'invisible locations'.


So this is her game. Only, I'm not playing.

Seconds before I explode...


I CAN'T BELIEVE... I almost went fisticuffs with a waitress... IN A DREAM!


It's 6:30 AM. I'm not even out of bed and already I feel like a victim!

Determined not to start my day this way, I decide to drift back to sleep, and if possible, return to my dream and rescript an ending. Crazy as it sounds, I'm hoping to correct all that previously went wrong by having what's called, a 'lucid dream'.


And so with the room still fairly dark, and the sheets still warm, I try and relax by closing my eyes and... Zzzz...Zzzzz...Zzzzzzzzzz

I see the owner walking towards me after he notices that I'm far from thrilled with my dining experience.

"How can I help?" he says.

"First... find me another waitress!" I bark. "Then let's phone Joe Beddia (a local Philadelphia chef known for his world class pizzas) to see if he would charge a patron a dollar more for less cheese on a pizza!"

Clearly out of the loop, but nevertheless accommodating, he says, "I hear your frustration and will personally oversee your table. There will be no charge for your meal."

A few diners sitting near me applaud!

A couple leave their table to confide in me... "We always sit there (pointing to the back of the restaurant next to the coat rack and restroom) so we don't have to deal with your waitress. It's not her station."


And on that happy note...

I gradually wake up.

Hooray!... for lucid pizza dreams!

Did you know 'Pizza Dream' is an actual term? I read it in Urban Dictionary. It's used to describe a very real, very freaky dream that you believe actually happened despite its outrageous improbability. Usually brought about due to eating way too much pizza.

As if there's such a thing as eating too much pizza.

Curious, I go online and discover that according to dream interpretation... seeing or eating pizza while you sleep represents abundance, choice, and variety, and may also indicate that you are lacking or feeling deprived of something.

Well it's no mystery to me... beside lacking cheese in a dream, I'm also feeling deprived of sleep.

Usually, I tend to fall asleep quickly... almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. But lately, ever since moving the clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time (DST) on March 13th, I've been tossing and turning for hours each night unable to enter slumberland easily. It's no wonder I'm doing battle in my dreams... my biological clock is out of whack!

And I'm not alone.

According to, hundreds of thousands of people adversely affected by the shift in time have signed petitions asking our government to : "Stop Spring Forward, Fall Back. Pick a Time, and Stick with it!"


And it's hard to nail down just one story as to why Daylight Saving Time was created. Some say the idea was started back in 1784 when Ben Franklin believed by changing our sleep schedule we could use daylight more efficiently and burn fewer candles. Similarly, during the first World War, it was used to save fuel; years later it supposedly saved energy, and currently, some believe it's used to extend summer days by giving us more daylight in the evening for extended outdoor activities.

I was always told as a child that DST was established to give farmers more time in the field. Now I find out... that's not true! According to Michael Downing, author of Spring Forward:The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time, "Farmers hated the idea of DST. Farmers really used morning light. Turning the clocks ahead had the effect of giving them one less hour of daylight." And dairy farmers opposed the time shift as well... explaining that cows have finely tuned internal clocks that don't do well with schedule changes.

So who exactly benefits from the extra daylight?

Perhaps those waiting in line for one of Joe Beddia's famous pizzas.

A message written (in capitalized letters) from Joe's website reads:


No... This is not another one of my wild 'pizza dreams'.

But the day I wait hours in line to try one of Joe's amazing creations and I'm told... "WE'RE ALL SOLD OUT," would definitely be a pizza nightmare! 

Bon Appetit named Joe's pizzas "The Best in America." To read the article go here.

For "46 Mouthwatering Facts About Pizza" go here.

Also interesting is artist Christian Marclay's obsession with time. Watch Alain de Bottom briefly introduce Marclay's, "The Clock" here. And watch a 3 minute segment from Marclay's 24 hour video of "The Clock" here.

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed without any explanation?
Join the club. Our first meeting will be held next month... during Daylight Saving Time.

A special thanks to 
for sharing their great neon sign images.

XOX... Dyan

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love & a Hat

I love my new hat...

not just because I made it myself, from scratch, with limited sewing skills, but because it actually fits, is comfortable, warm and oh so practical for winter weather.

I wore it for the first time, just recently, during Winter Storm Jonas while shoveling some 20+ inches of snow from our sidewalks and driveway. Amazingly, it not only kept my ears and head toasty warm, but never once slid down over my eyes blinding me like the store-bought ones I've owned. The end result was better than expected for just having "googled"... fleece hat with earflaps + tutorial... on my computer.

Oh, and did I tell you my hats are reversible? Besides the black & lime green one, I made two more: black & turquoise, and black & primary yellow.

I love my hats so much... I even consider parting with one because I also love my husband and want to keep him nice and warm. Michael owns several knit caps but rarely wears them. He wears his hair short... a buzz-cut achieved with clippers, and whenever I ask, "Where's your hat?" as in, it's too darn cold outside to be without one, his answer is always the same... "I have one. It's in the truck... with my gloves."

Men!... they can be so stubborn and 'Big-Headed'.

So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when he willingly agreed to try on my hat for size, an adult OSFA (one size fits all) which probably should be tagged, OSFS (one size fits some).

The hat didn't fit... must be that lovely big head of his so full of knowledge.

So... I decide to create a new hat for him, one that fits, only I have no knowledge of how to alter a pattern and I'm lousy with numbers. I can often memorize numbers like birthdays, addresses and phone numbers, but rarely can manipulate them... as in adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and problem solving. It's just not in my DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). Yes, I'm somewhat better with letters and words than I'll ever be with numbers.

So while my husband is still willing and seated, I grab one of those cloth tape measure thingies and wrap it around his head.

59 inches... That's what I get. That's what I tell him.

"WHAAAT!??? CAN'T BE, he says... I may have a big head, BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!"

He starts laughing... laughing hard and I'm still clueless to what's so funny as the tape measure still wrapped around his head, still reads... 59 inches.

Then I pause, and think... I'm just a little over 60" tall and that's... 5 FEET!!!

I've just measured my husband's head AND... IT'S THE SIZE OF A PERSON!

Oh the absurdity!... that I didn't realize the immense improbability of my calculation AND... that I was using the WRONG END of the tape measure!!!

So now we're both laughing... hard, so hard that we cackle when we try to speak and tears roll down our cheeks, and we double over at the waist from the pain of a ludicrous moment.

So where do I go from here?

What the heck... I'll just let my printer increase the size of the original pattern, then I'll cut and sew the pieces, and hope for the best.

It will either turn out way too big (certainly not 5 feet in diameter) or fit just right.

Either way, will it matter? His soon-to-be brand new, reversible black & gray fleece hat with earflaps will probably just end up with all his other hats...

in the truck... with his gloves...

instead of on his head where it belongs.

Husbands and hats... ya gotta love 'em.

For an interesting take on men and hats go here.

Special thanks to Vanessa Vargas Wilson from Crafty Gemini for being my muse on this post and for her great Fleece Hat with Earflaps YouTube tutorial, which can be viewed here.

To Everyone!

"Here and Next"

XOX... Dyan