Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Shorts & Odd Awakenings: Sound

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"Happy Summer!" to everyone who's waited for this moment to arrive, to thrive.

And for those of us far less enamored with June, July, and August, a shout-out to Willis Haviland Carrier and his invention: the electric air conditioner, for without some respite from our area's intense heat and humidity, we'd barely survive.

Hot and hazy, long and lazy: Summertime.
Time for summer shorts: factual stories, short in length.

An Odd Awakening: Comforting or Unsettling?

Dawn's atmosphere must be optimum, for through an open window as I lay in bed, I hear the sweet trill of harmless birds singing, followed by a repetitious...

Painting by Roy Lichtenstein


It takes just a few minutes to exit sleep and enter consciousness before I can place the sound, a sound I've heard before... while walking far from my home, down Pleasant Avenue.

Again, another round, POP! POP! POP!, a most unpleasant sound, of gunshots
fired by police, honing their skills on a firing range: a place I've never seen, but know exists, somewhere... somewhere perhaps too close to where I live.

NYPD Target called "The Thug"


For the story behind the NYPD paper target "The Thug" go here.

"Have Gun Will Travel" was also the name of an American Western television series that aired from the late 50's to early 60's, starring Richard Boone, as Paladin, a gallant gunman for hire who made it his job to help others. To listen to the show's theme song go here.

Source: Kahrtalk.com

"May all your sounds of summer be pleasant ones."

XOX... Dyan