Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet Beginnings, Middles and Endings

I like things in 3's...morning, noon, night, / days, months, years, / past, present, future...nice complete packages. Good things come in 3's, or is it, good things come to those who wait? No matter, both apply. I've been waiting to start this blog for a long time and here I begin with my very, very, very first post...sweet!

Michael and I just finished lunch at 'Plate' (great name for a restaurant) in Ardmore. It was only a month ago that I noticed these big white letters on the windows of Sweet Green, a little cafe across the street from where we're standing now.

 Intrigued, I got closer

and closer

They were resolutions! entire window full of sticky notes written by patrons, all proclaiming their hopes and desires for 2012. Personally, I no longer make New Year's resolutions, not that I don't have my own crazy rituals, but I do share with others the great sense of optimism and anticipation that comes with the start of each new year and for the promise that lies ahead. 

Here's one that shares my view...

While I didn't write it, I've colored it, and started to make it happen.

Middle of the middle (waistline)...we're off for dessert. Chocolate cookies, cakes and pie, my favorite sweet is frozen yogurt. Philly has a number of places...Tutti Fruitti, Kiwi, Phileo, Yogurt City, Scoop Deville and Sweet Endings. The Main Line has a few that I know of...Kiwi, Whirled Peace, and this place...

Oh so fun it is! Grab a cup. It's all self-serve. You control the taps (handles). You control which flavors, how much and how many. When it comes to toppings and hot fudge sauce, that's where I lose control...double yum!

Not only are these places fun but cute as well.

So fun has hot green walls and hot pink chairs, neon colored plastic spoons and cute little characters like this about the place.

Word is a frozen yogurt place is coming soon to my neighborhood, in Jenkintown, at Noble Square. It will be called U-Swirl and since we have zero frozen yogurt places in the area, I am swirling with delight.

After a day of eating and fun, I chose to flake in my favorite front of the computer. I found this playful site called Contact Sheet where you can create a ransom note of your own. Try it here. Here's mine...

It worked!...a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Before exiting, I leave you with this question...
Are you hoping to begin something new?...already in the middle of something?...or just looking to wrap up loose ends? Share one or all of your 3's.

May all your beginnings, middles and endings be sweet ones.


  1. Hi Dyan,
    Congratulations on starting your blog! That's a good beginning. I look forward to all your future posts and hearing about the progress of your building. I like your profile story and picture too.

  2. Oh Dyan! I so love this blog. It is you to a "T". I can see it all as you write about it. I was wondering what you would do after retiring from teaching. I bet mom would have loved to read this. Both you and M were so special to her.

    When the yogurt place opens we should meet up and splurge on something gooey and good! Remember, I am right next door at B and N. And I also love things in 3's and alliterative writing. My next project is a novel incorporating my experiences with BRCA and hereditary cancer.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Delightful Dyan-
    You certainly make retirement sound even better than I imagine (and that's hard to top). I have so many plans for my future that I've already begun living them: writing music, sewing and batiking (trying to fit them in between teaching and tutoring is a challenge, but one can dream). Meet you at U-Swirl?
    Patsy G.

  4. Happy Birthday, Dyan....

    Got to see this and it is wonderful. You have come a long way since the early days on the computer. I am proud of you.

    Have a great day....


  5. "Z Blogger"

    Your blog tickles my inner kid big time. From the bright colors with attitudes, fun posts, web sites, scrumptous 'fro yo' joints, etc.
    I particularly enjoyed the idea on the photographer who interviewed people, randomly and asked their ideas. KEWL!

  6. Hi Dyan:

    I just wanted to write a line or two and tell you how inspirational you have been. Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I showed your blog to someone dear to me. It put a smile to there face when they were sad. THANK YOU.
    I look forward to reading future posts. Thank you for being my friend.