Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lists & A Farewell To Summer

Are you a list maker?

Do you rely on lists to get you through the day, or do you do it for the satisfaction of knowing you've accomplished something, and get great pleasure from crossing out, checking off, and highlighting completed items on sheets of paper or deleting them from your tech devices?... maybe all of the above.

If not... I'm curious, how are you managing your life?

I make lists of all kinds, and often... but less so during the summer months when the days are (s)low and expectations even lower.

I have lists for lots of things like... 'Running Errands', though there's no running involved.

'To Do' lists... of tasks that need to be completed in a span of a day or two, sometimes longer, depending on my energy level.

'Grocery' lists and 'Take Out Food' lists.

Then there are 'Book' lists of possible publications to read and 'DVD' lists of movies I'd like to see.

I keep 'Idea' lists for creative projects and prompts for writing. Some pieces I've started and titled: 'Drinks & Strangers', 'Deli Items & Floating Hats', and 'Hook Lines & Famous People'. Other ideas are like vapors, floating in my head, collected now on paper so I can recall them when needed... topics like: happiness, boredom, possessions, obsessions, maps and directions, (my lack of deciphering them), and so much more.

I also create 'Pros and Cons' lists whenever I can't make up my mind between two situations or things, and 'Gratitude' lists for when I begin to feel sorry for myself and need reminding of how truly fortunate I am.

I guess you either make lists or you don't. But if you are like me, you know you're a real 'list junkie' when you add things to your 'To Do' list, that you've just completed, that weren't there originally, but now you can check them off and say they're done!

Done also, or nearly done, are the days of summer.

While summer isn't officially over until Friday, September 21, 2012, the signs of the changing season are upon us... shelves brimming with school supplies, lunchbox snacks filling the end caps in supermarkets, department store ads everywhere for back -to- school sales, and Labor Day just around the corner.

For those of you already pining for the 'lazy, hazy' days, I've compiled a list for you, in picture form, of found images... remembrances of summer, which can be used as reference when the days get shorter and the nights a bit longer, when the sweltering heat and skimpy outfits give way to colder temps that have us bundled up in thermal layers, of down-filled jackets or polar fleece hats and gloves, when dark comes early and the daily pace of life for many becomes more frenetic, when we've forgotten how to relax and have to remind ourselves, sometimes with lists, that we need to... breathe.

Here is my 'Farewell to Summer' list for you.

Here are a few links on 'lists' you might find interesting: 
'Lists of Note' found here. Found grocery lists here. And '1000 Awesome Things' viewed here.

What things will you miss most about summer? Send me your list.

 Don't think too hard...just send me a quick note. Ha ha.


  1. Summertime and the livin was easy, most of the moments. Always love the change of seasons, especially when Autumn arises. A warm, cozy thrill lies in all those changing colors.
    Lists can be great tools. Some sorts carry a heavy high HTF (have to factor) for me. Some come out of morning journalizing. Future projects, new interests, and a touch of
    desire, go to the top of the page.
    These are usually my favorite type of lists.

    1. I know what you mean about the HTF kinds of lists and those more pleasurable. While searching through the found grocery list site, I spotted one list printed on Disney stationery with princesses at the top. In a child's handwriting, were these words printed from the top line down to the bottom... candy.. candy... candy... candy... candy... candy etc. Now that's a pleasure list :)

  2. I'm definitely a list person. "To Do" lists, movies to see, books to read etc. It's satisfying to cross off the completed tasks but sometimes when they are on the list for a long time because of varying factors, then it is stressful for me.

    Loved the colorful, fun pictures.

    I'll miss getting up when I want instead of when I have to, just throwing on sandals instead of putting on shoes and socks, going outside without having to put on a coat or sweater, eating dinner out on the screened porch, staying light until 9:00 p.m., all the wonderful summer fruits, fresh tomatoes from my garden, the flowers and birds, crickets at night, the smell of fresh cut grass, impromptu visits with neighbors (everyone seems to hibernate during the cold months).

    1. Yea! Another list-maker. Thanks Bevo for the great descriptive list of summer things that will be missed. With all the summer heat, I almost forgot how confining the colder seasons can be with most of our days spent indoors and when outside being forced to wear layers of structured clothing. I too will miss my loosely-fitted flowing fabrics of summer and airing my toes in flip-flops.

      It's funny how we complain a lot about whatever season we're in, but being an East Coaster, I love being able to experience them all. Just remind me what I've said when we're buried in 3 feet of snow and have to spend the day shoveling out :)