Friday, February 8, 2013

Love & A Cookie

February is a short month... 28 days.

Here is a short post... about 280 words.

Love and a cookie.

I ate a cookie not too long ago and now I wanted another.

Only... calories are often on my mind.

So I broke one in half.

Only... it didn't break evenly. One half looked like a waning gibbous moon, 3/4 full, with the other half, a waxing crescent moon, just a sliver.

My head went left to the larger piece, then right to the smaller one, and back left, then right, again and again. It was like having an out of body experience, aware of the craziness of my actions but unable to do anything about it.

Then... I noticed Michael, and in an instant my right hand went out to him with the minuscule portion and asked..."Do you want a cookie?"

In that second, I made the decision to keep the larger half and screw the calories.

Only... unknown to me, Michael had been watching my exorcist head turns for some time and chimed in...

"Looks like you're having a 'Lucy' moment."

The absurdity of choosing to eat just half a cookie and deliberating over which half to eat was definitely episode material for the I Love Lucy Show. Both of us started laughing. Then came the laughter tears, laughing so hard my back started hurting... which of course felt fine once I devoured my 'big' half a cookie.

I guess you had to be there.

Only in my kitchen could the 'unfilming' of sharing a cookie between husband and wife seem so ridiculously funny.

Ever have one of those simply ridiculous moments?

What is love? Some answers by children given here.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. "In praise of folly" could be a hidden value
    lurking deep within. Those funny moments which make life seem too comical to believe true, are too numerous to recount. The humorous, the absurd, the uncanny, rings more true than the seriousness of our best intentions. Take for instance my interview for my job in the school district. I arrived at the admin building, bright and shiny from college, well prepared to talk about John Dewey, William James and other vocational heroes. At the same time, I had recently gone through major dental procedures.
    Braces and a large mouth insert made my smile look like the front of an old dodge dart, while my speech sounded like a Donald Duck hybrid.
    Needless to say any attempt at sounding intellectual seemed a bad script for a Woody Allen movie. Despite all the slurs and sloppy
    communication, I did get the job!

  2. Calories don't count on Valentine's Day. Next year have the whole cookie. Heck, have another one!

    Loved the children's definitions of love,especially little Bobby's about love is what is in the room at Christmas if you stop to listen (such profound insight for one so young!)and the charming one of the little girl who said it makes your eyelashes go up and down and stars come out of your eyes.