Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Shorts & Tee(n)s

I stood waiting...

for the 10:54 AM train out of Ardsley to Center City Philadelphia.

I noticed...

two girls (age sixteen or seventeen) seated, waiting for the train.

Teen A:  wore hot pink sneakers, denim shorts, hot pink tee and short blonde hair.

Teen B: wore black sneakers / blue laces, denim shorts, light blue tee,  a matching cell phone case, and long, dark brown hair.

I overheard...

A:  Did you get a new bra?

B:  Yeah.

A:  You're not 'boob'raging. (meaning...?)
     Are you wearing make-up?

B:  I am. I'm wearing it all day.
     Did you shave your legs?

A:  I have to every day. 
     I always miss this part (pointing behind her knee).
     I don't know why.
     I forget everything.
     Are you going to college?

B:  Haven't decided yet.

A:  Maybe I'll go to Montco (Community College) and then a good college.

B:  Yeah. I want to go to Montco too.

A:  I want to be a surgeon.

B:  Me too. I want to go into medicine.
     Not a surgeon, maybe a doctor.

A:  Oh, maybe you can be my assistant.

I thought...

"Heaven help us"... as we boarded the 10:54.  


  1. What in the world is "boob raging"?! These two girls sound like a couple of boobs to me! I don't think we have to worry about them becoming doctors.

    Is the title of this entry a play on words? (Shorts, as in the apparel worn in the summer and also a short entry.)

    1. Hey Bevo...

      I too have no idea what 'boob'raging means, but obviously these two teens know.

      You're sharp! The title is a play- on- words... shorts as in apparel and shorts as in brief written segments.

      I'm giving myself a mini vacation this summer from lengthy work to writing 'shorts' based on observations, conversations, connections, and personal thoughts.

      I hope there will be enough material there for you to continue your comments and telling your great stories. They add so much to this blog.

      Thanks Pal!