Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bermuda Shorts & Pop Up Parks

Bermuda Shorts... shorts, a reference to my summer posts of few words, mostly images, and Bermuda, a place of relaxation.

I've never been to Bermuda... or found basking in the sun and having bits of sand trapped inside my clothing pleasurable or relaxing.

Waves are nice, but cities nicer, especially Philadelphia, where I don't have to pack or travel far from home to enjoy its sites, cultural activities, great restaurants, views of water and this summer's two pop up parks: Spruce Street Harbor, a floating park, and The Oval, both quiet places to unwind.

Here's a glimpse of Spruce Street Harbor Park on a lovely Monday afternoon.

Places to sit.

Places to lounge.

Views of water, and with some arm-twisting, my husband in a giant adirondack chair. 

Before heading home, we decided to check out The Oval. Unfortunately, the park was closed, only open Wednesdays through Sundays. Still... here's a bit of what we saw.

 A peek of the Art Museum looking out from The Oval.

And two views of the park when it isn't closed, courtesy of Marisa Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia.  

Can't wait to see what Philly has planned for next year's Pop Ups!

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  1. Absolutely love your photographs!
    Like you, I'm not a beach fan.
    Did Michael feel like Edith Ann sitting in that chair? ;-)